Review Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to ensure everyone can benefit from a helpful, balanced, and authentic community.  

When can you write a review?

  • You can write a review if you have had a purchase or service experience with that company, which means that you have purchased a solution/product, consulting, IT service or training from a company, an organisation, a web service, etc. ("the Company"), or you have placed an order with the Company. These are collectively referred to as "Experience".
  • You may only write about your own Experience. You are not permitted to write a review about somebody else's Experience
  • You may not write a review about a Solution/Product or Company you have previously owned, currently own, or which an immediate family member currently owns, or if you are an executive or employee of that Company, or work for the Company. Similarly, you may not write a review about a direct competitor to the Company you own, are employed by or work for.
  • Your Experience must have occurred within the last 18 months. This means within 18 months from the date on which you write the review. If you have signed up for an ongoing service, the Experience begins on sign up & continues until the service is no longer provided by the Company. You are free to write a review immediately after sign up or at any point up to 18 months after the service ends.
  • We realize talking about work can get emotionally charged, but we don't approve reviews that include certain profanities, threats of violence, or discriminatory language targeted at an individual, group or company. 
  • We do not accept reviews that reveal confidential, non-public internal company information. We consider this to include, but not limited to: source code, customer lists, manufacturing techniques, R&D activities, budgets, detailed financial results or technical know-how.

What should you write about?

  • Your review should be about your Experience.
  • Your review must reflect your own Experience from within the last 12 months. We suggest you to be specific and factual, and include relevant points about your Experience, for example the implementation services and other aspects such as the solution functionality or program management capabilities. Instead of just writing that you like the solution or service, elaborate on why. Give examples - the more details, the better.
  • If you have been offered an incentive by the Company to write a review, you should include information about this in your review. Incentives include the Company offering you a gift, reward, discount or advantage for writing a review about the Company on ITBirbal.
  • No solution or service is perfect, so be objective & balanced. Tell the facts without exaggerations or misrepresentations. Focus on specific Experiences, and mention whether or not it has met your expectations.
  • Don't review your own solutions/services or of your competitors. We don't allow anyone to review a solution or a service with which they have a conflict of interest.
When do we ask you to re-write or remove your review?

We do not moderate reviews on ITBirbal, either before or after reviews are published. We reserve the right to remove reviews that we determine violate these Guidelines, our Terms & Conditions* and/or applicable laws or regulations, or reviews that are inappropriate for an online review community. However, we can request you to re-write your review or remove your review, if it has been marked for any of the following reasons:

  1. Your review contains language that is snappish and likely to be viewed as seditious
  2. The content of your review appears to be solely concerned with ethical, political and/or value-laden opinion, as opposed to an Experience
  3. Your review includes promotional references or links to other companies or websites that do not relate to your Experience
  4. Your review contains personal email addresses or links
  5. Your review is not a review about your Experience because it just describes the capabilities of the solution or disagreements about scope of work or payments.
  6. Your review doesn't appear to be based on a real Experience (fabricated review).
  7. Your review violates other people's or companies' rights, including intellectual property rights, rights of privacy/confidentiality and/or personality rights.
  8. You are, or work for, a competitor to the company you have reviewed.
  9. You are an employee of (or work for) the company you have reviewed, you are or have previously been an owner of the company, you are an executive of the company, or an immediate family member to the company's owner.


We are committed to providing businesses and users with a fair and open online experience. We work extremely hard to maintain the integrity of our review community and the online review industry generally, nurturing a culture of trust and transparency and celebrating those businesses and users who use reviews to improve customer service standards and make the online retail environment more fair and open for everyone.

We reserve the right to enforce the Review Guidelines if we observe violations of them, or of applicable laws or regulations. The same applies if we observe behavior that we believe or suspect to be inappropriate.

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We may at any time and without notice make changes to the Review Guidelines. We will notify you about such changes via our website. You agree that your continued use of the website or our services after we have posted a new version of these Review Guidelines constitutes your acceptance of them.

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