Drive Targeted Global Traffic to your Digital Assets

We all know how important organic search traffic is for long-term website marketing; however, it has a longer cycle to prove ROI. PPC can show results fast. You can start a PPC campaign on anyday and start observing results in terms of traffic and conversions the very next day (depending on a variety of factors, obviously). With our Pay Per Click (PPC) engagement model, you will reach global IT decision makers & influencers and companies exploring partnerships, alliances & acquisitions, exactly when they are researching the software solutions and services that your company offers.

  • Drive Relevant Traffic to your Digital Assets
    •   Visibility to global & national IT buyers & companies exploring partnerships, alliances or acquisitions

    •   Your dashboard & company page on

    •   Detailed company profile including target market, products, services offered, etc.

    •   Customized company page review & suggestions

    •   Publish your success stories (case studies) to gain buyer trust

    •   Publish blog articles & Videos to educate potential buyers

    •   Get backlinks to your website

    •   Premium search priority

    •   Multiple links to your website, social media, product sub-site and landing pages

    •   Standard Marketing & Category Reports

    •   Verification by KPMG in India (optional)

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