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Posted by ITBirbal.com on 29/05/17

Epilepsy patients are managing their lives with Microsoft technology
United Kingdom


Tasked with creating a new epilepsy service at Poole Hospital, just as the financial crisis hit, was a tall order for Head of Neurology, Dr Rupert Page so he had to think outside the box to achieve his objective. In collaboration with Kent University and software specialists Graphnet and Shearwater, an alliance was formed to investigate how technology could help the project to succeed.

Using the Microsoft Band, in conjunction with software on the patient’s mobile phone, the Epilepsy Care Alliance have harnessed machine learning powered by Microsoft Azure to track patients’ daily activities and detect when they are experiencing a seizure. The app on their mobile device can be used to alert their next of kin and to send details to their NHS clinical team so that their care cane be adjusted accordingly. The Alliance are rolling this programme out across Dorset and hope to help around 2,000 patients in the County to manage their condition more effectively and help them to lead fuller lives.

The feedback from patients has been very encouraging and the Alliance are thrilled that this combination of Microsoft technology and medical care is making a meaningful difference to their patients and improving their quality of life. Using Azure coupled with the Microsoft Band is enabling patients to regain their independence with the surety of knowing that their condition is being pro-actively monitored and assessed.

Source: https://enterprise.microsoft.com/en-gb/customer-story/industries/public-sector/health/epilepsy-care-alliance/ 

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