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Print Posted by ITBirbal.com on 26/06/17

Mr D Vijay Kumar - The Mind of a Strategist CIO

Mr D Vijay Kumar - The Mind of a Strategist CIO

Vijay is currently the Director - IT at The Akshay Patra Foundation. The Akshaya Patra foundation is a not-for-profit organization based out of Bengaluru. Today, it works with central and state governments in 11 states to provide midday meals to 1.6 million children in 13,210 government and government-aided schools each day. They require instant insight into their supply chain for accurate planning and management.

Top Innovation Priorities for 2017

He believes that organisations today cannot survive in isolation, nor can it work without the use of Information Technology. The role of an IT department is essential to survive in today’s challenging times and Akshaya Patra is also leveraging Information Technology in making major decisions on Production Planning, Procurement, Daily Production Requirement, Production Order, Supply Chain, Finance, Security Processes, and other technological tasks and projects.

Akshaya Patra is using Microsoft Dynamics AX on a private cloud, as ERP for all the aforementioned processes with the aid of Central Servers at Bengaluru. Pan India connectivity to the servers, the daily processes and all MIS reports on operations are generated out of the ERP. ERP is also implemented on all modules including Procurement to Production, Supply Chain, School Enrolments, Complete Financial Transactions, and Costing. His core priority is to simplify the ERP system further to increase the value to business.

Vijay relishes South Indian cuisine with Rasam being his favourite. Tripadvisor recommends Dakshin, Bangalore for mouth watering Papdams, rasam and avial to him.

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