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Millennials, globalization, cross cultural environment and technology innovations are creating a change in how work gets done, as they work more in teams & use more technology. The socially minded millennial comes their desire to be creative. Millennials have grown up in a time where information has become available instantly. This has led to a change in the IT buyer behavior and changed across many dimensions. We need to cognizant of that change and transform the customer acquisition process in the IT industry.

The IT Buyers of Today

Do their Own Research

Have Limited Trust on Sellers

Prefer to Remain Anonymous

Have High Expectations

Hold the Power

Less than 4.5%

is the chance that Telesales will get to talk to a potential customer


posted questions on social networking sites looking for feedback

Less than 3%

response rate to a cold email sent by marketing or sales team in the seller organization


of the potential buyers followed industry conversations on the topic - their education


of the Buyers engaged with a peer who had addressed the challenge


of the B2B purchase is complete before they engage with a supplier

More than 10

sources have been consulted by the buyer before they engage with a supplier

At least 12

Internet searches have been made by the buyer before they engage with a supplier

Data Sources
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Technology innovations can enable sales and marketing teams, helping them generate relevant prospects consistently and improve their productivity & Work Life Balance

Real-time and Unbiased user reviews help the buyer objectively assess what is best for their business, leverage the crowd, limit their risk, and get what works.

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